U Bias : Luhan , Kai & Yoona *

Pairings: KaiLu , LuYoon , YoonSic *

*Interests: K-pop , VOLLEYBALL , watching ANIME,reading books & MANGA, surfing the net etc.

cr: soting

cr: luhan company

140819 Mnet 4 Things Show - Kai & Suho & SHINee’s Taemin

“First i want to congratulate my sunbae, also my friend Taemin for having his solo album ACE. We collaborated in the song named (Pretty Boy), i feel very honored and happy because this is my first collaboration with Taemin. To my sunbae as well as friend who is always very- hard working and determined , I'm looking forward to your performances. Taemin, fighting !!!”

Trans credit: exoverflow


[FULL/ENG SUB] 140817 SBS Running Man Episode 209 (with Sehun, Kai & Taemin)

Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k5GiqoSThaNtdT8DFyS
Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k2Hf7XoNUPi0QM8DFM4

cr: Love Guru


SM: Even though this photo book will totally sell because it is EXO what else can I do to make it better?

*gets an idea*

SM: Ok Luhan. It is your lucky day. You are going to be with Xiumin in almost all the pictures.


Xiumin: Oh boy

SM: Suho and Kai, you two are going…

"New Idol Team’s Motto: Despicable, Vicious, Underhanded"